LiveStream 5 Administration Guide

User Profiles

Every user account that's loaded from your directory service has a profile page which reflects their current status, the policy configuration inherited from their group membership, credit balance, data usage counts and fully customisable activity reports.

In addition to tracking their status and activity, profiles provide access to a number of core management functions such as temporary suspension of access.

Directory users may also log in to LiveStream 5 to view a stripped-down version of their own profile.


Profile Summary

The profile summary pane, on the left-hand side of the screen, remains visible no matter what action you are performing. If reflects the following details info about the user:

  • Display Name — first name and surname as defined by their directory account info.

  • Username — the unique username as defined by their directory account info.

  • Last active — the last time the user made a web request via LiveStream 5.

  • Status — whether or not the user's access has been temporarily suspended.

  • Policy Group — the Policy Group that governs the user's access as implied by their directory group membership.

  • Effective Policy Set — the set of policy rules that is currently effective for the user, as inherited from their Policy Group. Note that this may change if the Policy Group has time-based policies defined.

  • Email address — as acquired from the user's directory contact details. This is address will receive notifications regarding quota and credit usage depending on the organisation settings.

Suspending web access

Mainly intended for disciplinary situations, a user's web access can be suspended entirely for one or more days at a time.


  1. Click the Suspend access button at the bottom of the profile summary. You will be presented with a configuration dialogue (pictured above).

  2. Use the suspend until field to pick the date when access will be automatically reinstated.

  3. Type a private message to privately record the reason for the suspension for historical, auditing purposes. Only LiveStream admins can read this.

  4. Type a public message which will be presented directly to the suspended user if they attempt to access the web during their suspension (pictured below).

  5. Finally, click Suspend to finalise the suspension.


If for any reason you must undo a suspension before the reinstatement date, just use the reinstate access button.

Download Usage

The Download Usage pane tracks how much data the user has downloaded across some common intervals: daily, weekly and monthly.

If the user's effective Policy Set enforces quotas they will be reflected here by showing the percentage of their download limit(s) they have consumed and whether or not they are over-quota.


The Credit pane shows the user's current credit balance which will be charged according to a set price, depending on their current Policy configuration.

The adjust balance field accepts three kinds of input:

  • Override — Add a plain dollar value with no punctuation at the current balance will be replaced with this value e.g. 5.00

  • Add — prefix your entry with + to add your specified value to the existing balance e.g. +5.00

  • Subtract — prefix your entry with - to subtract your specified value from the existing balance e.g. -5.00

Credit Adjustment History

This pane tracks all of the user's credit adjustments over time for auditing purposes, including when it was adjusted, how it was adjusted and how much by.


Latest Browsing Activity

Latest Browsing Activity shows the 25 most recent requests made by the user. This helps the identify when the user last browsed the internet, what they tried to access and the result, whether the request was allowed or denied.

Users viewing their own profile

Users may log in to LiveStream 5 to view a stripped-down version of their profile. This allows users to keep track of their current download quota and credit balance.

Directory users login via the same page as the administrator but will only be presented with their profile and cannot navigate elsewhere.

User's own profile