LiveStream 5 Administration Guide

Time-based Access

Timed-based Policy Sets allow you to modify a user's internet access rules based on the time of day and the day of the week. This functions by assigning alternative Policy Sets to a Policy Group according to a weekly schedule.

For example, more lenient web access rules could be applied during non-work hours, break times or on weekends. Within a school, web access could be limited during 'off campus' times such as for boarders.

Time-based policies

  • Time-based Policy schedules cannot overlap with each other within the same Policy Group.

  • You may need to add the same Policy Set with different schedules to cover different times and days of the week.

Manage your Time-based Policy Sets from the Access tab within each Policy Group's edit page. The controls for this feature hidden by default — click the expand button when you're ready to reveal them.

Adding a new Time-based policy

A time-based policy consists of a Policy Set and a schedule which defines when the time-based policy will override the default Policy Set.

You can select either an existing Policy Set from the drop down menu or create a new Policy Set. If you create a new Policy Set, follow the instructions outlined in Managing Policy Sets.

Once you're finished editing a new Policy Set click Done and you will return to the Access tab and your new Policy Set will be available from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select the Policy Set you want to apply on a time-basis from the drop-down menu.

  2. Check the boxes corresponding to the days of the week of the week you want apply it.

  3. Select the times when the Policy Set will apply from and to(until) on each day that you selected.

  4. Click the add button.

Once a time-based Policy has been added it will appear in the list beneath the Alternative policy set form. To edit the schedule for an existing entry, just use the corresponding edit schedule link.