LiveStream 5 Administration Guide

Pre-configuration Checklists

Prior to configuring LiveStream 5 you should have at your disposal some information about your organisation’s directory service, if any. Several different implementations of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) are supported:

  • Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008 / 2012 Active Directory (Seamless, Basic, Captive Portal)
  • OS X Server 10.5 or later Open Directory (Basic, Captive Portal)
  • Novell eDirectory (Basic, Captive Portal)

LDAP Checklist

All supported Directory Service types use an underlying variation of LDAP. Therefore the same information is required for each type. In Windows Active Directory the LDAP information is not readily apparent. To view this information you may use the Windows Server utilities LDP or ADSIEDIT.msc, which can be opened from Start -> Run. For more information please see this how-to.

Required Info Your Directory
Address of Domain Controller: e.g. server1.getbusi.local
Domain Search Base: e.g. DC=getbusi,DC=local
Bind Distinguished Username: e.g. CN=Domain user,CN=Users,DC=getbusi,DC=local
Password for distinguished user: e.g. domainuserspassword275!

Seamless Authentication Checklist

If you wish to use Seamless Authentication with your Active Directory you will need to join the server to the domain. Seamless Authentication will use Kerberos where possible but otherwise fall-back to NTLMv2.

As well as the following items you will need to ensure that your LiveStream 5 server has an A-record defined in your Primary Domain Controller’s Domain Name Service.

Required Info Your Directory
Fully Qualified Domain Name: e.g. getbusi.local
NetBIOS Domain Name: e.g. GETBUSI
Domain Admin Username: e.g. Administrator
Domain Admin Password: e.g. domainadminspassword275!