LiveStream 5 Administration Guide


Most organisations have pre-existing directory infrastructure which provides user-based authentication for various services, including LiveStream 5. Unlike Device identifiers, a user inherently refers to a unique individual. This allows LiveStream 5 to treat a user's web access accordingly by tracking their personal download usage and activity.


  • Only users that are members of directory groups which have been activated in a Policy Group will be tracked by LiveStream 5.

  • Once a user has been added to LiveStream 5 they will persist to ensure consistency within reporting data.

Users index screen

If you opted to configure directory integration for LiveStream 5, all the users which were loaded from your directory will appear in the users section. Users can be managed in a number of ways, including:

  • Viewing each user's current status with regards to:
    • Policy assignment
    • Data usage / quota
    • Credit balance
  • Managing the credit balance of an individual
  • Temporarily suspending an individual's access
  • Report on an individual's web activity between specific dates and times.

Finding users

Your directory groups will likely contain hundreds, if not thousands of users. The fastest way to access the profile of a particular user is to type their username into the Quick Search field, pictured above.

User profiles

The Users index page shows the Policy Group that the user belongs to and their effective Policy Set. These items link directly to the respective Policy Group and Policy Set.

Each user account is managed via its profile page which summarises their recent activity and content within LiveStream 5. Click on the username to access the profile page.