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What Do We Do?

Hobart Walking Club. logo


Hobart Walking Club. One of Australia's most historic bushwalking clubs needed a new membership portal that would employ a contemporary design for trip planning, communications, online payments and operational tasks.

Our Approach

Within a strict timeframe, we built a custom web app called HWC Online, comprising the public website and many club-specific internal functions. From memberships to trip planning and reporting, we implemented approachable workflows for volunteers, officers, administrators and members. This was achieved while cleaning and importing decades-worth of important legacy records. Now post-launch, administration busywork is at an all-time low and member engagement at an all-time high.

Hobart Walking Club. screenshots
The Tasmanian Inland Fisheries Service logo


The Tasmanian Inland Fisheries Service wanted a new Angler Diary feature to be added to their mobile app. An angler diary has long been recognised as a way that anglers can record where, when and how they have fished. This enables anglers to reflect, gather information and build knowledge that they can use to plan successful fishing trips.

Our Approach

Integrating with the latest Infish App, we added features to web and mobile platforms to enable anglers to log in with their licence information and record their fishing effort and catch as they go and use it for future reference. The information provided will also help manage and maintain the fishery.

The Tasmanian Inland Fisheries Service screenshots
A Moment of Tea logo


A Moment of Tea began as a mobile business doing tea workshops but then decided it was time to set up a permanent venue in Salamanca, Hobart. The next frontier was online—that's where we come in.

Our Approach

We worked with owner Joanne Gao to create a website and online store to serve customers in their journey with Chinese Tea. Visitors can find information on visiting the tea bar, experiencing a workshop, as well as buy tea products online. Customers are also rewarded for repeat purchases via the new loyalty system.

A Moment of Tea screenshots
King Island Distillery logo


King Island Distillery wanted to sell a unique offering of Tasmanian distilled spirits and accept distillery tour bookings online. Getbusi's challenge was to see a digital strategy through to a consistent vision for the owner-operator and fervent island-community supporter.

Our Approach

Over a combination of projects and mentoring sessions we were able to coalesce the vision for a premium Tasmanian brand online. The website features owner Heidi Weitjen's character and highlights King Island's personality through video, provides a seamless online purchase experience for customers, and offers bookings for distillery tours. We continue to support this amazing business by guiding campaign activity and forging ongoing connection with customers.

King Island Distillery screenshots
Tasmanian Wine Fair, logo


Tasmanian Wine Fair, run by The Tasmanian Wine Centre, was ready for a formal ticketing and attendance system to assist with hosting retail and wholesale customers at their annual events.

Our Approach

As a Shopify partner, our experience helped us to find and support a solution to selling event tickets via their website, as well as importing attendees from their wholesale CRM, keeping registrants up to date via targeted emails, offering discount offers to attendees, and tracking attendance via checkins at the events.

Tasmanian Wine Fair, screenshots
The Inland Fisheries Service logo


The Inland Fisheries Service had a patchwork of ageing databases which were costing time to maintain and limiting their opportunities to provide online services. They needed a modern business system. But they also needed to maintain two decades of licensing records.

Our Approach

Within six months we built IFS Online. A web application which encompasses their website, online licensing system and a suite of staff tools. We migrated all of their historical records from FileMaker and set the foundation for the next two decades of their services.

So far, licence renewals are up and time spent on unnecessary administration is being reclaimed.

The Inland Fisheries Service screenshots
Smitten Merino’s logo


Smitten Merino’s premium clothing was proving popular with local stockists but they wanted to connect directly with their customers. They needed an online store, but they also needed to design marketing campaigns, retouch product photos and maintain an ever-expanding catalogue.

Our Approach

Since building their website 6 years ago we’ve regularly iterated on it. We continuously adapt their website to support the latest payment platforms, social networks and marketing strategies.

Smitten’s online revenue has grown consistently year-to-year. Yet they remain an agile small business. They’re able to respond quickly to the needs of their customer-base which now includes Europe, Asia and America.

Smitten Merino’s screenshots
The Tasmanian Catholic Education Office logo

Online Management

The Tasmanian Catholic Education Office needed all 1500 of their staff, across 30 schools to get on-board with Google Workspace. But how do you changeover from an old email system to Google Mail without interrupting anyone’s work — especially with hundreds of gigabytes of emails to migrate to the cloud, and more being delivered every minute?

Our Approach

We developed a staged rollout plan which allowed us to migrate each school individually over several months. This required careful research, email routing knowledge, programming, on-site training, technical support and pretty good timing.

Teachers and staff are now spending less time worrying about documents and emails, and can focus on what’s important: teaching students.

The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation logo


The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation found that their ophthalmologists were getting held up trying to find pharmaceutical info. They needed a convenient way to look up drug information without breaking contact to make a phone call or go back their office.

Our Approach

We collaborated closely with their doctors to build the Pharmacopeia mobile app. Now all relevant drug data can be quickly searched by name, brand or class.

This has streamlined the prescription process while also providing a valuable training resource for the next generation of ophthalmologists in New South Wales.

Pharmacopeia mobile app

The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation screenshots
Bangor Vineyard Shed. logo

User Managed Websites

Bangor Vineyard Shed. This historic private estate had established their own strong web presence to cover their stable of hospitality projects and events, but something wasn't quite right. They needed to bring online wine sales into sharper focus while maintaining emphasis on tourism and hospitality.

Our Approach

Working in weekly cycles, we collaborated with Bangor to identify the main pain points of their current websites. We merged two separate websites into one Shopify site and clarified the navigation flows, including a new homepage design and members-only wine club functions.

They're now better-equipped to publish content independently and keep everything in sync with social media and the seasonality of their products.

Bangor Vineyard Shed. screenshots
Time-poor IT staff logo

Web Access Management

Time-poor IT staff need to provide safe and stable web access for a diverse range of users and devices. With a constantly evolving internet, it needs to be set-and-forget, while delivering a clear picture of what's going on.

Our Approach

LiveStream 5 provides fine-grained, enterprise-grade filtering and reporting technology installed on your organisation’s network. With an approachable web interface and regular email updates, LiveStream 5 is optimised to handle millions of web requests a day without raising a sweat (or slowing down your users).

LiveAir provides just the same for your laptops that are outside of your network. Whether on the road or at home, you’ve got the protection and reporting you need.

Both with local technical support directly from the people who make LiveStream 5 (that's us!).

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Time-poor IT staff screenshots