We Use Django

Getbusi was founded by Python programmers in 2002 and it’s been our language of choice ever since. Back then there were no web application frameworks for Python. We had to code everything from scratch each time.

These days we have Django, an open source development framework originally designed for news publishing. When a client needs a custom online system built, this is our foundation. With Django our online systems automatically get;

  • A user-friendly admin back-end,
  • A robust user permissions system,
  • User authentication backed by the latest security standards,
  • Continual security patches and updates,
  • A conventionally organised codebase any programmer can pick-up and work on,
  • A standardised server configuration which can be hosted by many different platforms,
  • An efficient database storage model which keeps performance fast and hosting overheads low.

Because we get all these fundamentals for free, we can spend more time solving the nuanced problems; “Does the page load fast enough?”, “Is this workflow clear?”, “Could this process be automated?”. Django allows us to focus on the user experience and the design while maintaining a lean, maintainable and secure codebase.

Experience is key. We’ve applied Django’s programming framework to a diverse range of business domains including education, medicine, government licensing, enterprise networking software, organised sports and mobile app APIs. We’ve learned how to balance the needs of the business with the needs of the staff.

All of this adds up to our ability to plan development time accurately, build ideas confidently and then iterate on them rapidly.

If you're looking for some experienced Django developers, or have any other questions, drop us a line.

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