When your organisation has a specialist audience interested in dedicated and specific content a mobile app can make a big difference.

You can deliver your customers a holistic and integrated experience that fully capitalises on the advanced capabilities of today’s smartphones. An app can establish a navigation plan built around the needs of the specialist information. Then, utilising advanced visualisation and presentation techniques such a animation, video, maps, location services and 3D environments can invigorate the experience of your users to create a must-have tool.

Whether your dedicated audience is bush walkers, anglers or ophthalmic clinicians, they have particular needs regarding the information they need to access and they way they want it to be presented. Often the audience’s needs extend beyond the information itself. For bush walkers and anglers heading to remote locations in Tasmania, far from the reaches of network coverage, having access and regulation information at your fingertips is a godsend. For ophthalmic clinicians, an app can mean having a veritable toolbox of optical testing tools in your pocket or fast access to common treatments and solutions.

Getbusi has the technical skills and engineering background needed to translate your complex domain data into an intuitive and enriching experience for your end users.

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Success Story

Hobart Walking Club. logo

Hobart Walking Club. One of Australia's most historic bushwalking clubs needed a new membership portal that would employ a contemporary design for trip planning, communications, online payments and operational tasks.

Within a strict timeframe, we built a custom web app called HWC Online, comprising the public website and many club-specific internal functions. From memberships to trip planning and reporting, we implemented approachable workflows for volunteers, officers, administrators and members. This was achieved while cleaning and importing decades-worth of important legacy records. Now post-launch, administration busywork is at an all-time low and member engagement at an all-time high.

Hobart Walking Club. screenshots

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