FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro has been a mainstay of Tasmanian businesses for over 20 years. It provides an effective and economical way to manage a business's unique data. While many new trendy data solutions have appeared, FileMaker remains a solid platform for companies to run their business. We know — they're our clients.

The appeal of FileMaker Pro is what it can achieve without the need for extensive technical input. Yet, within a complex business environment, the need to develop, manage and support your FileMaker Pro solutions often needs some extra input. This is where Getbusi can help.

We manage and support FileMaker systems

We can inherit the day-to-day maintenance of your FileMaker systems. Whether it’s for the long-haul or just until you’re up and running with something new. We’ll keep your FileMaker servers updated, available and secure. If a FileMaker database has multiple users, then chances are they’ll need assistance from time-to-time. We can be the reassuring voice on the phone when something’s not working.

We extend FileMaker systems

We can help you develop new solutions, customise and modify existing solutions to address changing business requirements and develop new layouts to improve usability and productivity. We can also help you take your FileMaker Pro solutions online either directly from within FileMaker or through external integrations.

We integrate FileMaker with other systems

We are data management and systems design experts. We build custom Systems for organisations which have relied on FileMaker Pro to manage all their data, but now face the challenge of providing an online presence in keeping with customer expectations. This is what we have done for the Inland Fisheries Service of Tasmania and for them, it has been a game changer. We have the know how to manage decades of FileMaker data quickly and without downtime, creating new and improved systems for your organisation.

If FileMaker Pro is part of your business toolbox, drop us a line and let’s see how Getbusi can help.

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