Since choosing the best software to run your company, it probably hasn’t evolved much; not as much as your business has. Perhaps you didn’t choose it at all.

When your software doesn’t quite match your operations, you’ll find workarounds. They may not be straightforward, but they get the job done. Eventually the workarounds become routine. Then one day you realise your company’s spending hours per week on maintenance and busy-work.

It’s natural. We’ve been there. All mature companies have.

Getbusi can design, code, deploy, maintain and support a fully-integrated online system with your company’s name on it. We’ll replace the manual workarounds with systematic automation. We’ll also bring all the data from your legacy systems across with it. A fresh start where the past is not lost.

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Success Story

Hobart Walking Club, logo

Hobart Walking Club, one of Australia's most historic bushwalking clubs needed a new membership portal for trip planning, communications, online payments and member management.

With limited time, we built HWC Online, consisting of their public website and a private database. From memberships to trip planning and reporting, we implemented approachable workflows for volunteers, officers, administrators and members. This was achieved while cleaning and importing decades-worth of important legacy records. Now post-launch, administration busywork is at an all-time low and member engagement at an all-time high.

Hobart Walking Club, screenshots

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