LiveStream 5 Installation Guide


This section describes the various troubleshooting techniques for errors you may encounter when configuring the server.

No X Windows

In the event that X Windows (the graphical interface) cannot be configured on the server, and you are simply presented with a text-based login prompt, you may configure networking using the following steps. You should see something similar to the following on your console:

CentOS release 6.5

livestream login: _

If you do not see this on your screen, please contact Support.


Login to the server with root as your username. When prompted for a password, enter the password you set during the server configuration.

CentOS release 6.5

livestream login: root

Note: you will not see any response to keystroke when you type in your password. Simply type in your password and hit the ENTER key. If your password is correct, you will be presented with a shell prompt:

[root@livestream ~]#

Configure Networking

Please contact technical for instructions.