LiveStream 5 Installation Guide

System Requirements

The LiveStream 5 server provides central control and management of web browser-based Internet access. It provides a proxy cache along with LiveStream 5’s extensive feature list. Since LiveStream 5 is the central point of access for your organisation’s web usage it is a requirement that it be installed on dedicated server hardware, either virtual or physical.

Your Getbusi installation media includes all software, including the operating system, on your dedicated server. If you are re-purposing existing server hardware, please ensure that you’ve backed-up that system prior to installing LiveStream 5, as the installer will format and erase the contents of the server’s hard-drive(s). Getbusi Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for lost data due to the installation of the Getbusi software.

Hardware Compatibility

For reliability and stability, LiveStream 5 utilises the industry-leading Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 6 Operating System platform. To check your hardware compatibility against Red Hat’s hardware compatibility please see the Red Hat Hardware Compatibility Site at:

You may obtain a list of your server’s hardware components by referencing your server’s BIOS. Please ensure that all of your installed hardware is compatible, or you may run into problems during installation.


LiveStream 5 features full support for installation within a VMWare® virtual environment. Any virtualisation platform that supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 operating systems should also be compatible. However, our own testing has only extended to VMWare® implementations.

When creating a virtual machine for LiveStream 5 ensure that the Operating System Type is set to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 6. The hardware specification guidelines apply equally to virtual deployments as they do to physical ones.

Hardware Requirements

0 – 150 devices
CPU 2.2GHz dual-core Intel desktop processor (or equivalent)
Memory 4GB
Hard disk 120GB SATA
Ethernet 100 Mbit
150 – 300 devices
CPU 2.5GHz+ quad-core Intel Xeon (or equivalent)
Memory 6GB
Hard disk 250GB SATA
Ethernet 100 Mbit
300 – 800 devices
CPU 3.0GHz+ quad-core Intel Xeon w/ multi-threading (or equivalent)
Memory 8GB
Hard disk 500GB SATA
Ethernet 1000 Mbit
800+ devices
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