LiveStream 5 Installation Guide

Network Configuration

This section describes how to configure your LiveStream 5 server's network settings. When the system reboots, you should be presented with a graphical login prompt. If you are not, please refer to the section No X Windows.

Console Access

The image, below, shows the graphical login screen that is presented on the console of your LiveStream 5 server. From this console, you may either login to the system, reboot the system, or shut down the system.


Use the username root, to login to the console. The password is the one that you set in the previous section, during Server Configuration.

After you have logged into the console as root you will be prompted to login again, this time to the web management console. Make sure you use the default credentials for the built-in admin user:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: test

You will then be presented with the Network Configuration page.

Apply Your Network Settings

The image, below, shows the first screen that you'll see once you've logged into the management console. This section allows you to set up networking for LiveStream 5.

Use the values identified in the Pre-Installation Checklist to set up the Network Interfaces and DNS + Hostname settings. If your organisation needs to use an upstream proxy to access the Internet, you should configure this now, as well.