Droid's Big Move

We have recently moved the School Days Android App project from the now unsupported Eclipse environment to Android Studio. While the biggest changes are behind the scenes, the flow-on effects will be felt by all our users.

Utilising Android Studio's build flavours feature we can get new customers online quicker than ever and get updates out faster. This improved build system means future additions to the Homeroom family will be a breeze. The improved dependency management allows us to keep up with the latest Android features, plus Studio is built from the ground up as an Android IDE so the tools and options throughout the development process are tailor-made to make the resulting app better than ever.

During this move we also added Marshmallow support to School Days. This was a bigger challenge than past Android version bumps as it forced our hand on quite a few changes. Our HTTP Library needed updating, notification handling also needed to be brought up to date, plus many other under-the-hood changes. As a result, Marshmallow will bring improvements to the app across the board.

With these improvements to performance and stability and some soon-to-be announced features, the next School Days release is looking very exciting. Keep an eye out for the update hitting your phone very soon.