Transparency = Responsibility

Getbusi is always looking at new ideas in Internet management to help stem productivity loss when staff or students use the Internet for time-wasting or illegal activities (either accidentally or deliberately). We try and walk in the shoes of both the users and the administrators, to see how we can best balance these sometimes competing needs.

Productivity loss works both ways. Internet users know the frustration of being denied access to a valid website. LiveStream works to solve this problem with intelligent filtering, and now with the new Premium Reports add-on. LiveStream customers can activate access to this interface which gives you interactive reports, graphs and scheduled reports so you don’t have to manually check in to stay abreast of issues.

Premium Reports provides that extra layer of transparency. This motivates staff and students to self-monitor, without the business or school having to up the ante of filtering. Taking responsibility for their own online habits not only takes pressure off of the filtering, but also helps increase online productivity, as users can access more material and resources.

With greater transparency comes greater responsibility.

As Premium Reports is a hosted service, you can expect fast and responsive reports, even on huge amounts of data, without compromising the performance of your local hardware at all.

Also, you can now have practical IT policies that allow people to do the things they want to do and to be accountable. For example, if someone wants to legally download movies or MP3s and LiveStream is set to allow this, it will report the download and its cost. If you want to monitor the costs for this type of traffic, LiveStream can deduct credit for movies or MP3s. This is a practical alternative to the draconian way that most IT policies read today and gives you a fair option to use at your discretion.

LiveStream has played a key role in helping schools manage Internet use and prevent Internet misdemeanours – even innocent misdemeanours that can quickly turn ugly. There aren’t many tougher proving grounds than a high school to test the capabilities of the system. Reliance on the Internet for learning, business and research is ever increasing which means it can be harm organisations as much as it can benefit them. Our aim with LiveStream and Premium Reports is to enable organisations to manage the Internet effectively without costly overheads and hardware, and without a steep learning-curve.

Thanks for reading! If you want to find out more about Premium Reports you can ask a question on twitter or send us an email.