Introducing School Days

It's an exciting day for us today, because we've added a brand new tool to our education toolbox: School Days.

School Days started from a simple idea: "wouldn't it be great if schools could just send notifications to their community's smart phones". No more paper slips to get smushed at the bottom of backpacks or emails to get lost in a sea of spam. Just short, simple notifications throughout the week. Turns out we weren't alone; before we could say "prototype" some local schools were already on board.

School Days for iOS

Fast-forward to today and both Campbell Street Primary School and Immaculate Heart of Mary School have their School Days apps rolled out to parents, teachers and students and are finding great success. Not only that, we were very pleased to see that the takeup at one school was around 80% of parents in only two months.

Our favourite anecdote so far is from the Principal at a School Days school:

I was at a sporting event recently where we had to change the timing at short notice. As the game got underway I saw a flustered parent with kids in tow making a dash from the carpark. Understandably, she was a bit puzzled as to how everyone had got word. Another parent got out their smartphone to show her the School Days app. Needless to say, moments later she had her own phone out and was downloading the app. After that, I didn’t need any more convincing of the value of the app to our school community.

With the support of our early-adopters we're continuing to improve School Days and so far it's been gratifying to see what a big difference a simple idea can make to the lives of everyone in a school's community.

We'd love to see School Days at a bunch more schools so we're focussed on making the pricing affordable to all. If you're curious, head over to for a demo and details, and if you're in Hobart we’d be happy to come and show you.

Otherwise, stay tuned as we'll have a lot more to tell you about School Days over the next year.