Welcome to Getbusi 2015

Computers and mobiles on the internet; it's how we work today. Yet the digital revolution has turned out to be more of a digital evolution. The fundamental needs of business and education haven’t changed, but the place of digital technology alongside the traditional tools of the trade is often taken for granted.

As software developers, we have always been in the business of providing digital resources. This digital evolution, however, results in an ever-expanding range of engaged participants who are looking to understand how best to use these new tools. For Getbusi, this means new ways to solve problems and new ways to communicate about the issues facing our customers.

From a transient Twitter post to a detailed Technical Memorandum with wide reaching implications, there is a lot we have to share with our customers to keep them up to date and in the loop. Which brings me to our new website. First, and foremost, we have redesigned our website to make our product information easily accessible, clear and expansive.

Messaging, online video, downloads and app stores allow you to interact with us in a number of ways—ways that best suit your working environment. And hopefully, with our new website we have made that process a little more seamless and a little more comprehensive.

As LiveStream v5.2, School Days and Homeroom v3.0 hit the streets we are forever focused on the evolving needs of our customers. So, we look forward to our website helping you get the most out of our products.

We understand that successful digital workplaces and schools require the integration of a variety of technologies. At Getbusi, something as simple as our Twitter feed being integrated directly into our developer communication pipeline means that if you have something to say, our team is listening. We also know that it’s not just about our products, but the world in which they function. A world that is also evolving in different ways in different places—an evolution where Getbusi can be a conduit of information and ideas between customers with similar needs and requirements.

So take a look around and if you still need hands on assistance, a real human is just a call away.